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Posted on
February 18, 2021
Social Community and Disability Sector

Meeting with the Deputy Premier about changes.

After hearing about changes and the possible shutdown at Curraghmore last month, we contacted Deputy Premier Rockcliff (as Minister for Mental Health and Wellbeing) to try to secure the service’s future.

The Deputy Premier confirmed the service will transition to the NDIS after 30 June and he also said:

"It is recognised not all residents of Curraghmore may be eligible for the NDIS, or may choose not to test their eligibility, and those people will continue to receive a state-funded service.”

This is important news for both Curraghmore and mental health services on the coast.

Since we contacted the Deputy Premier, he has also visited Curraghmore and would've seen first-hand how vital the service is.

We'll be meeting with him again next week to continue our work to secure the service.

We’ll keep you in the loop as we continue to fight for mental health services in the north west.

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Social Community and Disability Sector