Corumbene agreement negotiations

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September 14, 2020
Aged Care Sector

Continuing at a snail’s pace.

We met with Corumbene management and their industrial advocate again yesterday to continue bargaining for the new staff agreement.

Before the meeting we were sent a draft document that looked very different to the current agreement, with many changes that hadn’t been discussed, or tracked, making it very hard to see what may have been left out or added that could be detrimental to members.

It was slow work under the circumstances, but we managed to get through the Nurses Agreement and a quarter of the way through the General Agreement, and we'll continue with the latter when we meet again in two weeks’ time.

A major change that we did pick up yesterday is to do with the consultation clause, which has changed to suit the employer and make it much easier for them to make changes in the workplace. We're sure there are other changes in Corumbene’s draft and we’ll update members once we've gone through the whole document.

There's been no movement on the wages offer – it’s still just 2% per year and they rejected all other claims. They are including a pandemic leave clause but nothing more.

Keep an eye out for a bulletin very shortly as we plan to visit and discuss the agreement with members before the next bargaining meeting.

For more information, please contact HACSU on 1300 880 032.

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