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October 5, 2020
Aged Care Sector

EBA negotiations continue.

We met with Corumbene management and their industrial advocate last week to continue bargaining for the new staff agreement.

We continued to work through the draft of the non-nursing agreement, and the major changes that we pick up are changes to the consultation, dispute resolution and flexibility clauses. All of these clauses have been changed to mirror the award - which is the bare minimum set of standards – which means the new clauses will leave members worse off than they are now.

They haven’t budged on wages - their offer is still 2% a year and they’ve rejected members' other claims.

We had a long discussion about personal leave and how using statutory declarations is easier because of problems obtaining medical certificates, and Corumbene have proposed that staff can use stat decs but only in exceptional circumstances, but they haven’t explained what those circumstances might be or who gets to decide what counts as exceptional.

We think this is restrictive and we asked them to reconsider and get back to us at the next meeting. We proposed a modernised clause allowing for stat decs that many other employers have adapted and included in their agreements.

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