AT bargaining update

Posted on
June 27, 2022

First meeting

Yesterday our team met with government reps about your new enterprise agreement and we ran through the log of claims you endorsed and discussed procedural issues around the timetable for bargaining.

Negotiators stated that the parameters they have for negotiation is that any offer will need to be in line with the state government’s 2.5% indexation increases unless additional savings can be made or found during the negotiations. The 2.5% wage increase would be discounted by any additional costs against improved terms and conditions.

Your negotiation team explained that given rises in inflation and CPI, with Hobart CPI at 4.8% in the December quarter and 5.8% in the March quarter and forecast to increase for the next 12 months, reaching an agreement under these parameters would be close to impossible as staff need a pay rise that keeps up with the increases to their cost of living.

You’ve already had a real term pay cut when you last got 2.35% with CPI at 4.8%and, now that CPI is even higher, this indexation will be a significant problem. With higher wages on the mainland and lots of vacancies, further attacks on terms and conditions while also seeking a real term pay cut is simply intolerable.

We expected the government's log of claims to be available to us, alas it was not, which is poor form given your agreement expires in 14 days, we expect further advice about this before the next meeting in July.

In positive news they suggested that they want a new agreement in place by mid-September to ensure the next pay rise due Dec 2022 is not delayed.

Your bargaining reps are Lauren Hepher – President AESB, Anthony Heiermann – Vice President AESB, David Thomas – Northern Region, Simon Geard – Southern Region, Steven Pacheco – NW Region, Lyn Crombie – ComCen, Robbie Moore and Chris Kennedy - HACSU.

For more information about this or any other industrial matter, members should contact HACSUassist on 1300 880 032 or email or complete our online contact form