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December 23, 2021
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If you’re not safe, no one is…

Staffing levels are at crisis point at AYDC right now and safety is a major concern.

Your own safety should be at the centre of any decision you make, and if you’re fatigued or frustrated you need to say enough is enough – you’re not letting your team or the young people down, someone else is responsible for that.

Following discussions yesterday, workers should be given their roster to see what coverage arrangements can be made while we wait for whatever relief can be provided.

Youth Workers and Child Safety Officers from elsewhere in Communities Tasmania will also be asked to provide whatever coverage they can, and although not ideal it’s better than having no workers at all on certain shifts.

We expect that consolidation of units will continue to occur as necessary and further recruitment to happen without any delay too.

If you’re not fully fit to work, or so exhausted your decision making is affected, it jeopardises the safety of you, your co-workers and the young people you look after too, so it’s just not worth the risk.

The 12-hour roster has been delayed until further notice, but safe worker numbers is what’s most important right now, and we’ll continue to pursue the priority for workers, not anyone else.

Please contact your HACSU delegate if anything happens over the Christmas period, and we’ll be able to respond very quickly. If you want to discuss this or anything else, please contact us at HACSU assist 1300 880 032 or

For more information about this or any other industrial matter, members should contact HACSUassist on 1300 880 032 or email or complete our online contact form

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