Another meeting, some clarification on conditions

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November 21, 2022
Public Sector

Some clarification on conditions, but still no change to wages

Today we met with the Head of the State Service and government negotiators again to continue to try and get an offer that delivers long overdue conditions changes and a real wage increase for workers across the state service.

At the meeting, the government provided clarification on a number of conditions issues with some improvement to the previous offers, but there’s no change to the wages offer.

We’re still working through the details and will give you more information on Monday. We’ve also asked that the government negotiators provide specific details about some elements of the offer because, to date, they’re statements of intent rather than anything that workers could readily see in operable form.

We’ll be out and about over the next week to talk to you and we’ll continue our actions for now until we have an offer we believe you can seriously consider.

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