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June 10, 2020
Social Community and Disability Sector

Cuts to rights and conditions

Unions representing staff at Anglicare have been working hard to try and finalise the new enterprise agreement, but Anglicare are still insisting on making significant cuts to members' workplace rights and conditions.

The agreement expired more than 2 years ago and in October 2018, after many months of negotiations, a new agreement was voted up by staff with a 92.4% Yes vote.

Unfortunately, Anglicare refused to honour the vote and the make the simple updates the Fair Work Commission had asked it to in order to get it approved.

A year later Anglicare committed to staff that they would make these changes, only to back flip and produce a long list of cuts and amendments instead.

Last week unions wrote to CEO Chris Jones and demanded Anglicare stop playing games.

We’ve said they need to stop the cuts and honour their commitment to staff - take the voted-up agreement, make the changes Fair Work asked for and just get it done.

We won’t accept the proposed changes that could see staff working longer hours for less money.

Anglicare talks a lot about their values – now is the time for them to act on them.

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Social Community and Disability Sector