Ambulance travel time to attend OT

Posted on
May 11, 2020

We're concerned about emails to staff.

In these, AT says they consider the payment of travel time to be an above award payment - we agree there’s no specific clause that says it is payable but it’s a big leap to say it’s above award - so we disagree and think staff should be paid travel time to attend duty out of their region. 

  1. It’s a regular payment to staff within their own region when required to travel away from their home station.
  2. It’s been custom and practice to provide travel time to staff when shifts are difficult to fill including when AT have ‘required’ attendance.

AT is saying they will pay km allowances for ‘private motor vehicle use’, but the irony is this payment is expressly only permitted when travelling ‘on duty’ (Part V 1.(ix)), so based on AT’s offer to pay the km allowance for staff who agree to travel, that travel must also be counted as time worked.

This is an extreme and unacceptable example of penny pinching that may increase the chance of shifts being left unfilled.

We strongly encourage members to request payment of travel time to attend duty away their normal region and to request accommodation to be provided for rest and recovery, pre and post duty, when a drive to attend that duty exceeds 2 hours - to not make accommodation available would be a breach of s.19 of WHS Act 2012.

Finally, for the purpose of clarity, there is no obligation to accept duty in other regions.

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