Posted on
July 19, 2021

We object to EOIs for EMD training.

Yesterday we objected to the expression of interest process for EMD training as there’s no need for it.

The agreement requires training opportunities to be made available to all EMDSO staff 60 weeks (1 year and 8 weeks) after reaching EMDSO LVL-2. If this isn’t offered the agreement says you can’t be held at Level 2 and must progress to Level 3 but this movement doesn’t remove the right to be trained.

There is a barrier if Cert IV training is available - which it isn’t - so that barrier can’t be used, and it also requires consultation about how training for Cert III and Cert IV will be implemented, and there’s been none.

EMDSOs shouldn’t need to prove why they’re worthy to progress to EMD training as it’s not a contest, it’s a normal progression pathway provided in the agreement, so it should be offered based on seniority because it must be done within 60 weeks of reaching Level 2.

If you don’t accept EMD training that’s offered AT can cap your salary at EMDSO LVL-2 but only after you reject the training, and if you’re already EMDSO LVL-3 you can’t lose salary by rejecting it.

EMD training will help with future promotional opportunities when it comes to winning a merit-based selection exercise regarding EMD vacancies.

If you’d like to discuss this, please contact HACSUassist at or call 1300 880 032. We will win this because we are right!

For more information about this or any other industrial matter, members should contact HACSUassist on 1300 880 032 or email or complete our online contact form