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November 23, 2020
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Latest update.

NW Delegate
Simone Haigh was the only nomination received to replace Frances Stringer as the NW AESB Executive Delegate. Her nomination was endorsed unanimously by the Executive at the meeting last week – so welcome back to the Executive, Simone!

On the back of concerns about the new winter jumpers being fit for purpose, we have asked that more consultation occurs before there is a commitment and/or contract made to purchase the jumpers, combined wool and puffer style. We have heard that the current uniform stock and replacement process is concerning, with staff only having one set of uniform – or worse, only half of the items – and being told that the other items will arrive in 8-10 weeks. Please contact the supplier, as you’ve been advised to do, but also contact your regional manager directly if you are having supply issues, as apparently there is a workaround to get uniforms supplied more quickly rather than relying on the supplier’s internal process.

We received a churlish reply to our feedback about the CRU change proposal. There appears to be coercion involved for those seeking to work on the CRU task. We were told yesterday that individuals would only be appointed on the basis that they also accept the 12/12 roster design. We asked for the status quo in October as a formal dispute. The Status Quo is the 10/14 roster.

We have no problem exploring the science of fatigue and risk-based approach, but we do not believe that this is the riskiest fatigue issue that AT has, so it seems a strange place to start. We fundamentally disagree that a 12/12 roster is significantly safer than a 10/14 roster. Other controls like limiting the maximum runs of shifts, limiting compulsory shift extensions - the finish time should mean something, ensuring breaks are achieved during the shift, limited callouts for low acuity jobs in the wee small hours, inter-hospital transfers during the night, managing on shift workload including reducing ramping periods, etc would have a much bigger impact on controlling fatigue-based risks.

Next year’s diaries
We expect the new AESB diaries to arrive before the end of November – they’ll be distributed ASAP after delivery from the supplier.

As you will remember we recently appointed new HSRs, most of whom will need training. HSRs can choose where and when training on an approved course occurs. We understand that individuals have been told not to attend the Unions Tasmania-run course, but if you want to attend that course, you can. There is a formal dispute process that can occur if the course provider, including timing, cannot be resolved with an employer. We encourage union members to undertake the union run course.

The problem is ongoing, and some say it is getting worse. We are writing to the regulator who has inspected the RHH ramp to find out why their investigation is taking so long. The requirement to ramp patients is an unacceptable practice and exposes unaddressed inherent risks inside and outside the hospital setting. The LGH is not part of that investigation, but we understand that the LGH stats on ramping are extreme and unacceptable.

Don’t forget your AHPRA registration needs to be renewed now.

Pay rise in December
The next pay rise is due in pay 14 (commencing 14 December 2020). This is an increase of 2.3% to the base rate of pay. This means there will be only one more pay rise, of 2.35% to base pay, under this agreement in December 2021. Bargaining for the next agreement will happen from early 2022 and we will start preparing for that from about mid-next year, so expect surveys about terms and conditions (again).

Issue management
Please understand that while we are across many issues, including proposed changes, we don’t necessarily know about an issue until it has been raised with us. Sometimes, the first time we hear about an issue is after someone complains about our position on it – 'the union approved it', 'the union prevented it', 'the union said no', 'this was the union’s idea' etc – when it has never been raised with us before. Just because you’ve been told the union did it doesn’t mean we did! Unless you’ve had formal advice from us on an issue, we probably didn’t do or say what you’ve been told. Talk to us first before accepting that we’ve formed a position or acted on something. Our intent is always to represent members and we need your help to ensure we are being told what is going on.

If you have any concerns about this information please contact your delegate or get in touch with us on 1300 880 032 or

For more information about this or any other industrial matter, members should contact HACSUassist on 1300 880 032 or email or complete our online contact form

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