Ambulance employees commence industrial action for a pay rise

Posted on
November 5, 2018
Media Releases

Today HACSU members commence industrial action because of the State Government’s lack of progress with negotiations.

Enterprise bargaining meetings commenced in June this year. However there has not been a meeting since September as the government negotiators have nothing to say, except to parrot the government’s “up to 2%” line like a broken record.

Workload in Ambulance Tasmania is the highest in the nation on a per capita basis, our resourcing is insufficient, and we have the worst response times in the nation. Ramping at hospitals is causing significant delays to response times.

The report on Ambulance Service Development Planning commissioned by Ambulance Tasmania, which was undertaken by Operational Research in Health (ORH) in 2014, remains a Cabinet in Confidence document.


From today Ambulance employees will commence low level bans including:

  • Wearing HACSU branded t-shirts, badges, caps and other items pertaining to the campaign at their choosing and speaking with members of the public about the campaign if the opportunity arises.
  • Members are endorsed to undertake discussions with the media when requested to do so by their union.
  • Members will attend rallies and participate in meetings designated as part of the broader public sector campaigns, including speaking at rallies or meetings if asked.
  • Members will work to rule, claim all allowances and take their breaks on time as appropriate.
  • Members will put themselves first in relation to fatigue management and only accept overtime shifts at their choosing. Members will not accept any rostered overtime.
  • On-road staff will undertake chalk writing on ambulances as determined by the HACSU Ambulance Employees Sub-Branch Executive.

Quotes attributable to Tim Jacobson, HACSU State Secretary

 “We understand that the health system requires about 100 extra paramedics. These figures are backed up by internal review documents that never seem to see the light of day.”

“The Government will say they are putting on 42 more paramedics, but it’s simply not good enough. These extra employees will be directed to country stations to deal with long term fatigue issues, but the issues associated with hospital ramping and lack of resources to respond will remain the same.”

“Ramping continues to be a massive problem. We think that the community is often unaware of the consequences of ramping.”

 “Our State Operations Centre, the 000 call centre, is significantly under resourced. Combine this with lack of crews to send to patients and you have a perfect storm.”

 “Our members have the worst resources and the worst pay in the nation. The Health Minister must recognise this and fix both of these important issues.”


Media conference details

WHO:            Tim Jacobson, HACSU State Secretary  

                       Lauren Hepher, Paramedic & HACSU member


WHEN:          3pm, Monday 5 November 2018


WHERE:        Parliament Lawns, Hobart

For more information about this or any other industrial matter, members should contact HACSUassist on 1300 880 032 or email or complete our online contact form