TA dispute escalates

Posted on
March 11, 2021

Just say no.

Today the minister issued a press release that said, “The advice of the State Service Management Office is that because there was no legal basis upon which to make the payments in the first place, mistaken payments will need to be recovered.”

We disagree that travel allowances are above award payments, and we disagree there’s no legal basis to make the payment.

Contract law is clear, when required to travel away from your place of work for work purposes there must be adequate compensation if you’re required to travel outside work hours using your own vehicle.

Don’t agree to any request to pay back TA.

It’s unlawful for the service to recover the money without your expressed permission to withhold money from your pay, it’s an empty threat, so don’t give them permission.

We thought we were moments away from a solution on this matter, but this press release could derail and escalate this dispute for no apparent reason.

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