Aged Care worker retention bonus incoming

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March 27, 2020
Aged Care Sector

We have been lobbying the government to ensure the right protections and incentives are put in place to support aged care workers in this difficult time.

Following our discussions with government Ministers for Aged Care, Health and the Attorney General, the government have announced this retention bonus for direct and home care workers:

  • Full-time direct care workers in residential care facilities will receive a payment of up to $800 after tax per quarter, paid for two quarters.
  • Full-time home care workers will receive payments of up to $600 after tax per quarter, paid for two quarters.
  • Part-time direct care workers receive a pro-rata payment for the amount of time you work. For example, if you work two days a week, you’ll receive 40% of the     payment.
  • Payments will be made via your employer with the first payment expected in June (for the preceding quarter). The second payment will be paid in September. 

Specific infection control training has also been rolled out. Read the full announcement here.

This is good news. But it isn’t enough.

All aged care workers are vital at this time to ensure the system can continue to function and protect vulnerable older Australians, so we are calling the government to increase the program, including by extending it to all workers in aged care.

We’ll be keeping the pressure up to ensure your absolutely crucial work continues to be supported.

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