Aged care COVID-19 vaccination update

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February 22, 2021
Aged Care Sector

What we know so far.

We're told the COVID-19 vaccine rollout will begin on Monday 22 February.

While we’re still working to get more information, this update is to tell you what we know so far.

1170 doses have been put aside for aged care for week one of the rollout and these will be administered by clinicians through Aspen Medical.

Week one will see 14 facilities vaccinated in Tasmania, focusing on the north and north-west, but the schedule for week two and beyond hasn't been released yet.

The government’s initial plan was to vaccinate residents and workers at the same time but advice on this has changed, and now we’re told workers won't receive the vaccination at the same time as residents.

Residential aged care are still in the first priority group, but will receive it at a future date that Canberra hasn't yet disclosed.

Workers in community and in-homecare are up next in phase 1b.

We've spoken to the government and in the media about the importance of releasing the schedule for aged care workers as soon as possible.

The initial vaccine to be administered to residents is the Pfizer vaccine but the government believes that in early March the AstraZeneca vaccine will also become available for use in Australia, which has the added benefit that it can be produced in Australia and won't have the same tricky storage requirements as the Pfizer.

The good news is that both vaccines have been through, or are going through, a thorough assessment by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration and that research demonstrates that both versions prevent severe and serious cases of COVID-19.

We're still working to get further information on the rollout and we will update you as soon as we know more.

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